Have you ever experienced being creatively blocked in your business?

It’s true. Not everyone can crack the creativity code so easily. You can spend hours looking for that perfect image, days waiting for that Eureka moment, moving things around on the screen, staring at blank pieces of paper, jotting down half-formed ideas, all to absolutely no avail. Sometimes coming up with just one creative idea can feel impossible.

I know how terrible it feels wasting time, and trying to get your visual brand look unique through some creativity.

The struggle is real as creative thinking is a valuable skill to have. It can help you stand out in biz and uplevel your branding.

There are three major reasons why you might find yourself creatively blocked or having a hard time: 

You overthink it

We tend to put an unfair amount of pressure on ourselves. We get a vague idea of how we would like our social media images to look and get frustrated when we can’t capture that on screen. This usually results in hundreds of scrapped ideas, deleted attempts, and abandoned projects.

You get into a rut

Getting into a creative rut is a bit like going to a restaurant and ordering the exact same dish every time. Because hey, that one dish is good and you don’t want to risk being disappointed by ordering something new. Coming up with new ideas and techniques can feel impossible and risky. 

You don’t know where or how to start 

Have you ever sat down, thought about all the things you have to do and not done any of them. It can be overwhelming to start a new project; where do you even begin?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Creativity is hard, it’s fickle and tricky to get a grasp on if you don’t have the right tools and mindset.

That’s where I come into the picture and rescue you from all the frustration and stress 😉 Know more about this here.

You can also continue learning how to DIY things for your visual brand or you can hire an expert who will actually work the way you want them to.

Remember work, like a CEO not an employee in your business.

Anything that is not in your #zoneofgenius should be outsourced or delegated.

Only then can you focus on building a 6- figure biz and brand.

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