3 Myths about Branding which Business Coaches are Going to Hate Me For Exposing…

Myth #1: You don’t need to invest in your branding to start a business

This is a very common myth that keeps most entrepreneurs from working on their branding.

FACT: Since I have been in the online business, I have always worked on my story, my message and in what ways do I want to help my clients. This led to getting the clients who truly wanted to work with me. Clients who were not just freebie hunters.

Also, I had a logo, business cards and letterheads and FB Business page set up for my freelance training programs I conducted offline. This helped me come in the eyes of my clients real quick. They had all my contact details and ways to connect in the form of a business card.

The design and style were unique to my business. It created a sense of commitment towards my work that I wanted to deliver to my clients. Your branding is the blueprint for your business. So you do need to give that blueprint a face to show to your clients in the form of logo, website or anything that is tangible to showcase your brand.

***Just like my client who made 6 figures in 9 months after starting her business and creating a powerful presence ONLINE.

Myth #2: You need dollops of dollars to invest in your branding for Launching your course/program.

FACT: “Did you know you don’t have to fork out thousands to get professional launch assets done for you. I’ll show you how in just a minute.”

When they say that “what you invest is what you reap”, don’t listen to them..as you could still invest smartly and at economical budgets to make higher ROI. I reached this far in my business with $0 in FB Ads. I did invest in business coaches and strategy calls and sessions to get to where I am today…something I knew, was not my #zoneofgenius.

***Branding can POSITION you in front of your client with ease, impact and authority. My Launch Design Bundle does just that. You get a FULL Year of branded launch assets Done For You at less $5/day which is not even equivalent to your latte at Starbucks.

Myth #3: You need to have complete control over your business

FACT: You don’t need to spend hours designing your social media images, fiddling with online software like Canva and Photoshop to get your lead magnet in place….

It’s okay to take help from others in the business. It’s okay to delegate tasks which can be done better by those who are experts in it.

Stop being a Jack of all and Master of none and call it an MBA done in Online business!!

So, did that hit you hard?! Now that the 3 myths of branding have been busted, you can go ahead and start working on building your brand in the business.

That is how you and I can work together through my Branding & Social Media Makeover Package.

As a matter of fact, even the CEOs in big companies don’t own or control everything…they have a core team which works closely with them with a common goal to build profits for the company. You need the SAME.

The POWER of branding is real if you know how to use it.

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