Building something great takes time and building a great brand is no different. But as a branding expert and coach, my goal is to make it easier for you to build a great brand using these 4 effective and proven steps to branding your six-figure online coaching business.

If there are 15,000 people who do the same thing that you do in the online world, how do you stand out? How do you make your audience recall your brand whenever your niche is being talked about?

Same as Coke, whenever we talk about cola or soda, we instantly think of Coca-cola. Isn’t it amazing that with a strong brand, you will be able to leave lasting imprints in the minds of your target audience?

What is a brand and do you really need to create one for your business?

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Before I take you through your brand awareness journey, let’s know first what exactly is a BRAND?

A brand is a set of behaviors. It can also be regarded as a promise to your customers. Brand is a very human thing. It is a perception or an image on how you communicate and express yourself before your audience. Brand represents your business. It is the overall YOU, the brand called you. 

Your Journey Through Brand Awareness


Step 1: Get to know your purpose

Successful brands are very clear about what they stand for. 

The key to branding your six-figure online coaching business is knowing why you even exist. What is your Ikigai (the reason for being)? 

As a business owner, what is the reason behind building your business? What is your WHY? What is the impact that you want to have in the world?

 If you are an online transformational coach, why do you talk about transformation? Why do you solve your client’s pain points? 

A great brand purpose is something that is inspiring for everybody. 

Your purpose answers the question why you do what you do. 

Since this is your why, this is also what will keep you motivated to keep going. 


Step 2: Share your real story

Tell REAL stories… I cannot emphasize more on the importance of sharing real relatable stories that connect to your audience. Sharing your real story to your audience is your breakthrough. When you tell a story well, it can create an intense personal connection between your audience and your message.

Effective storytelling can change opinions. They can inspire us to achieve goals that we think are not possible. And they can show us how we can change things for the better. 

For example, you have a solution to a problem, it is not as effective if you just sell the solution right then and there compared to building a story around that solution.

That story will allow you to emotionally connect with your potential clients. It is how you get to build a know-like-trust factor with your audience and eventually turn them into paying customers.

If you are a service provider, you can use case studies of your clients to share stories. However, if you don’t have case studies of clients you can actually share your OWN story. 

You can share your own journey that aligns with what you have to offer your clients. This way you are sharing an authentic first-hand experience to your audience which initially builds that emotional connection.

It’s like your authentic magic that will make your audience follow you and engage with your brand since there is a common denominator between you two. It is called emotional branding.


Step 3: Deliver your Brand Promise

Every aspect of your business inside out should be delivering on that promise. Your brand promise makes you unique. This is undeniably your secret sauce. It is all about what you do and why you do it. This is the key to become irreplaceable and create a brand legacy for your business. 

You can write your USP statement in this format to make it easier for you to draft one for your business:

I help (your ideal client) by doing (what problem do you solve)  so that they can (why do your clients need it)

To make it easier for you to get through this brand awareness journey, I have a brand awareness questionnaire in the FREE Masterclass which you can download that will guide you from start to finish. Click here to check the masterclass.

Talking about brand promise, our favorite coffee provider, Starbucks, has a brand promise that says “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” As an online coach, what is your brand promise? 


Step 4: Make your brand tangible by using visuals – The 5 Senses Theory

I have mentioned earlier that brand is a human thing so we are going to give it a face to make it tangible by using visuals. 

I’d like you to get to know more about the 5 senses theory here. It is where we decide on how our brand looks, smells, tastes, feels and sounds like. We are personifying our brand for a more realistic humane experience with our audience. Let your audience experience your personality.

So as online coaches, you offer services, and that’s why the next question in your mind is, “how do we give our brand a face”? 

Let’s do it this way, think of your most favorite holiday spot. What makes it your favorite? Is it because of the cozy ambience or the nature surrounding it? It will also be the same in branding your business. You would like your audience to have a feel-good experience with your brand. You would want a brand that appeals to the five senses.

Ask yourself the following questions to create a brand that would relate to the 5 senses:

  • How does my brand look like? Imagine a persona. What colors best represent your brand?
  • If your brand is a fragrance, how would it smell? 
  • If it’s a food, how would it taste?
  • How would you like your brand to sound? What’s its voice or tone? Is it soft or subtle? You can also compare it to your favorite music. 
  • How does it feel/touch? What is that aura built around your brand? Is it active, earthy, fresh? Compare it to a season, nature, etc.

With my years of experience in helping women branding their businesses, I have observed that it makes the brand more impactful and phenomenal when a brand is able to gather all 5 senses together.

It makes the brand more unique and eventually it stands out from that 15,000 other people who are doing the same thing as you do! 


The 5-day Unleash Your Brand Masterclass

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