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What is personal branding and why is it important for online coaches? So while doing my mastermind assignment  for this week, one of the things I needed to complete is write my 5Ws and 1H. And this is what it is all about:

  1. What ( I do) – I am a Corporate trainer facilitating workshops on leadership, empowerment and confidence and a Designylist (Design + Style) coach who helps busy entrepreneurs overcome the struggle of converting words to visuals.
  2. Why (I do) – I started my online business as a graphic designer by accident and eventually it became my Ikigai. As a single mom the need to stay close to my family and work from home made me leave my high-paying corporate job which I enjoyed for a span of 12 years.My journey as an online business is full of roller coasters. After going through failed partnerships, lack of confidence, bucket load of stress and my ego getting hurt every time due to rejection even before launching myself I found my heart in something I can even do losing over on my sleep…and that is to be a “Creative Owl..
  3. Who (I do it for) – I work with women who know what or where their Ikigai lies. They are coaches from different industry, highly certified, working remotely with their clients and changing lives one coach session at a time. They live with a burning desire to grow multi folds and be like a celebrity in their business.
  4. Where (I do it from ) – My facebook page – The Bespoke Designs
  5. When (I am @ work) – No Side Hustler, No get rick real quick strategy, No overnight success story. I am @ work FULL TIME serving my favourite people helping them become Brand Leaders in their business!
  6. How (I do) – If you are interested to improve your personal brand in business or would like to identify your Ikigai send me a message and we can work something out for you and take your business to next level through personal branding!

P.S. ~ That’s me feeling like a winner after finishing this task! Boom

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