As a small business owner, you never have a marketing budget to attract customers when starting out. However, you do need to become a Client Attracting  Magnet to get those 6 figures in your business. If you have been speculating, on whether Branding can make any difference and bridge the gap between you and your customer, here are 6 cool reasons that will change the way you think and make you want to BRAND yourself.

Reason No. 1 – Faster connectivity – Remember Humans connect with Humans and remain long-lasting as well. Just think back to someone you may have met at a party years ago that made an impression on you. Even though you met them just that once, you still haven’t forgotten them.

Make yourself the Brand that can connect with others.

Reason No. 2 – Easy to evolve and adapt to changes – Like a friend, people will expect you to grow and change. As long as you’re not just jumping from random interest to random interest without any follow through, your growth and changes will be natural, expected and exciting for your audience.

You can always change what you sell – course, ebook, retreats but the person behind the service or program can always be the same and that is what makes you authentic!

Reason No. 3 – Increase your Value – Once you complete the fundamentals of getting clear on your voice, message, and look, brand development is all about creating excellent content, and that requires you to constantly work on growing and articulating your knowledge. The more skills and knowledge you acquire along the way, the more opportunities you have in the future. 

Your inner confidence skyrockets as you evolve, learn and grow. This makes you a valuable asset.

Reason No. 4 – Create Flexibility – Branding leads to authority. Authority leads to positioning. Positioning leads to more options to market yourself and expand your reach.

Flexibility through personal branding opens up options and gives you the ability to become and leave a legacy. 

Reason No. 5 – There’s only one of you – If you build a great personal brand and it lines up with the needs of someone who wants to hire you, most likely they’ll have to agree to your terms. The Better your personal brand is, the less replaceable you are, which means you have all the bargaining cookies.

With great Personal Branding comes Great Power!

Reason No. 6 – Only You are needed for Your Personal Branding, nobody else – This is one of the greatest benefits, especially if you’re just starting your personal brand. It’s totally possible to build a strong personal brand with just a computer and a phone because it’s all about you showing up and sharing your expertise.

The one thing that cannot be outsourced is the core of your personal brand. It must come from you because only you hold the key to the particular nuances of your expertise. So, not only do you not need anyone else – you really need yourself. You must show up for yourself and invest in yourself to build the core elements of your brand. 

Once you are ready to brand yourself, start with Branding and Social Media Makeover.

To conclude – Use your personal brand as a trademark; an asset that you must protect while continuously molding and shaping it. 

Your personal brand is an asset that must be managed with the intention of helping others benefit from having a relationship with you and/or by being associated with your work and the industry you serve.

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