Free Facebook Group Cover Templates

that will work for you and your business and help build your email list

Do your customers know who you are?

What if your business branded itself while you were off doing other things?

What if your images made themselves while you were off growing your business?

How would you feel if you could…

Leave a lasting impression on potential customers with less time and effort

Easily make ideal clients stop in their tracks with a single image

Have clients come running to find you, instead of having to track them down

Here is what you can use your FACEBOOK GROUP Templates for:

  • Give information of what they can expect inside the group
  • Promote your upcoming challenges
  • Share information or sneak peak of upcoming NEW Course
  • List your calendar of events/Workshops that you plan to conduct for the members
  • Share your biz tagline, mission and build authority
  • Promote your low ticket offer
  • Promote your group with others
  • Promote seasonal theme during the year
  • Promote weekly hashtags in the group
  • Promote your Freebie on the banner
  • Promote a weekly master class on a particular topic/theme related to your business.




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