With all that is happening in the world today, burnout is definitely a hot topic. As an online entrepreneur, are you already fed up feeling exhausted and demotivated every day? Is STRESS your new normal? For us womenpreneurs, juggling family life and business has been a part of our daily lives. The Social C.E.O.s Facebook group has invited Lucia Pavlikova to talk about how to harness the power of the unconscious mind.

So, if you’re having a daily dose of burnout and feel like there is no way out, this one is for you!

About Lucia

Lucia is a Transformation Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist & Master NLP Practitioner. She is on her personal journey to help high achieving women heal their emotional body from burnout, stress, and anxiety so they can follow their path with confidence and clarity.

Lucia was born and raised in Slovakia, in Central Europe. She remembers she had a desire to explore the world. She has lived in Cyprus, Croatia, and Italy. Currently, she is based in Germany. She helps women across the whole world to overcome their life struggles so they can focus on conquering their own goals.

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Ready to take a step forward to enjoying a blissful life? Watch Lucia below as she explains how to uncover the power of your unconscious mind.

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