Here are all the deets of how I became an International Best Selling Author.

Quick strategy and it actually is just one – “Confidence”

Confidence to

– show up

– network and

– never give up

That’s it!

Showing up results in 

> FB Algorithms triggered daily( that is where most of my audience is)

> Sharing your story

> Getting acknowledgment/validation of your work.

> Creating Know-like-Trust in front of audience

Networking results in

> Building more connections – This helped me get my articles featured in digital magazines, Top-ranked Local newspaper, print media, interviews, podcasts and finally in my Book!

> Making BFFs


> Recommendations

> More Clients

Never Giving UP results in

– Growing your passion

– Knowing that you really love to help people

– Your dreams come true

– Holiday trips 

– Contributing to a cause

– Location-independent lifestyle

– Belief in self

– Higher self-worth 

– Premium packages

– This is list is endless and totally in your control!

So it is all about how you decide on making things work for you. 

Here is a link to buy the book – Rise – In Pursuit Of Empowerment

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