Your signature brand is your brand identity. Your vibe is your signature. It is how people, both your clients and your prospects, perceive your business.

However, as a newbie online coach it is undeniable that you tend to make everything on your own. Even if it’s already beyond your zone of genius! 

You get so overwhelmed because you don’t have that clear grasp of the process of creating that signature brand. At the back of your mind you know that you have a great story to tell and you have the key in solving your clients’ problems. But it is just way too difficult for you to convey that story to your prospects. That is somehow the reason why you are hearing crickets even in broad daylight!

If you feel that you are currently stuck in your business and don’t have any idea how to move forward then continue reading. This might help you take the next step forward. 

Your VIBE is your signature

See for example, Coca-cola. They have been consistent with their brand identity for ages- sharing happiness, delicious and refreshing. Have you ever wondered how everytime we see a bottle of Coca-cola, we are able to get that particular vibe of happiness? It is as if our brain is wired that Coca-cola will be able to quench our thirst!

If Coca-cola sends you that happiness vibe as a brand, as an online coach, what is that lasting impression that you want to be imprinted in your clients’ minds every time they come across your website or your social media post?

Possessing your own brand identity is like having that special sauce that makes your recipe unique. It makes you irreplaceable. Thus, you stand out from the rest of other coaches online. If you were able to establish that signature brand, then marketing yourself will just be a walk in the park!

Easiest way to find your signature brand

Now, I’m going to reveal the easiest way to find your signature brand. Remember that your business requires your vibe. This vibe is the energy that your clients feel when they come across your brand. It is reverberating. 

So, here it is! The easiest way to find that signature brand is by using a valuable tool in branding called the MOODBOARD. 

A moodboard is a collection of visual assets that DEFINES your brand and COMMUNICATES  your brand identity. 

By just looking at the moodboard, you (and your clients and collaborators) will be able to have an idea on what the brand stands for, the values of the business, etc. 

Part of my 5-day Unleash Your Brand Challenge, (the next challenge will be up soon!) I always ask the participants to create a moodboard in order to easily communicate their mission, visions, goals, core values, and objectives. While putting consideration on the brand words, colors, patterns, quotes and pictures that will best represent their brand. 

Since our mission, vision, aspirations and goals are intangible, through the moodboard we will be able to transform these into something tangible. A moodboard will be able to create the vibe of your business in a visual format.

A valuable tool in branding

What makes the moodboard a valuable tool in branding is that it helps you foresee the future of your business. It will establish the basics of what the end results would look like. 

Secondly, the moodboard will remind you of where and why you started. It will stand as a roadmap that you can always go back to whenever you feel that your business is moving in a different direction or you feel that you are losing sight of your goal. 

Moving forward, as your business grows and starts to scale up, you decide to get more people on board. Of course, you want everyone who joins your team to understand what you stand for, your vision, and how you want your clients to feel and experience with your brand. The moodboard will align others who will join your business to be in sync with your brand message and to the kind of promise that you are delivering to your clients.

Creating a moodboard for your Signature brand 

Where do you usually go if you are looking for visual inspiration? Yes, you got it right – Pinterest!

If you don’t have a Pinterest account yet, I suggest you create one after reading this blog. Then, create a new Pinterest board and label it as MoodBoard. 

If you have multiple businesses, I recommend that you create one moodboard for each business. Even if both businesses share a similar vision, it is always best to create one for each. Remember that you want each business to be unique. Also, you want to create a different vibe for each business.

Now, it’s time to bring each of the pieces together in order to build a visual representation of your signature brand. Discover your brand from inside and out. Collect those pictures that you feel are in harmony with your brand and pin it on your moodboard.

You can easily check if you have nailed that perfect moodboard for your business. If you can instantly feel the vibe that you are trying to create with your signature brand by just looking at it, then congratulations! 

Remember that online businesses run through consistency and commitment. You can always look at your moodboard to check every now and then if you are able to go as planned.

Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, once said.  “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” So, you better put your best brand forward!

I have some more DIY tips on branding that you can check out. However, if you are already super exhausted of those DIYS and you think you need that expert touch with your branding, then you can always avail of my Done-for-you service to unleash that signature brand online!


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