Being a womanpreneur is also like being SUPERWOMAN, we take care of almost everything and stress is our new normal. The Social C.E.O.s Facebook group invited Sue Ritchie to talk about how to prepare for conception and give pieces of advice to Superwomen out there who are currently struggling to conceive due to tons of other responsibilities that they have on their plates.

All About Sue

Sue had a dynamic career in corporate marketing, and ran her own successful direct marketing business for 17 years before starting her health business and now her current Fertility coaching business helping women prepare for conception.

Sue’s previous life involved working long hours under high levels of stress. Like many women, she was putting everyone else first in her life, including work. She was constantly pushing herself to the limit, trying to fit everything in, thinking her body would somehow keep going regardless.

However, things came to a head 10 years ago when Sue found herself unhealthy, overweight, and with low energy. A diagnosis of Hashimoto’s disease resulted in her doctor telling her that she could never recover. All of this had a huge impact not only on the success of her business, but also on her personal life. Unwilling to accept the prognosis of living a compromised life, Sue took responsibility for her own health, and made some big life changes.

By addressing the root cause which lie in her gut health, and by working on healing personal issues she recovered and lives a well-balanced life.

Sue is married and has two grown-up children and now has a delightful baby granddaughter.

Check out Sue’s interview below and learn more on how to prepare for conception.

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