The Social C.E.O.s Facebook Group invited Felicia Lonobile to explain the 5 important steps to live a life that we love through the mastery in transformation. As a Master Coach, a Results Expert, and Certified by the Brave Thinking Institute, Felicia Lonobile can help you design and manifest the life in harmony with your Soul’s purpose.

Felicia’s Journey

There was a time in Felicia’s life where pain pushed her to make a change. Most of her adult life, she believed everyone but herself was responsible for her problems. She was the champion of self-sabotage.

However, living life in this way caused her much pain. She repeatedly prayed that someone would see that she needed help, love, and rescue because that was her mind’s state. As you can imagine, that never happened because, in time, her pain became increasingly unbearable, consuming and disturbing.

One morning, she decided to reach deep within and resolve to stop this self-destructive behaviour in its tracks. In that moment of initial resolve, Felicia was still in terrible darkness. She was fighting relentlessly to break through feelings of emptiness and confusion.

Equally, in a few moments of clarity, she also experienced what pain, shame, and self-destructive thoughts she had brought on herself.

Instinctively, she decided to leap to bury the old story, the false one, and instead embraced a new purpose, a new way of thinking, a new way of behaving and a new way of taking on life.

Was there a part in her arguing why it was not a good time, or convenient, or how this new way of taking on life would not be comfortable?

The answer is YES!

She decided to let the part in her that wanted the dream win over the part that was afraid enrolled and put herself through a rigorous training process to become a Master Coach and a Results Expert.

A Master Coach

Felicia’s expertise specializes in helping people who feel stuck and dissatisfied with their lives to quickly get unstuck, build their dreams, and enjoy a more productive and fulfilling life experience. Her passion in life is assisting her clients in unlocking their true potential to achieve outrageous success and live a life they LOVE living!

Felicia loves what she does, lives what she teaches, and delivers what she promises. The tools and skillsets she uses are the fastest, easiest, and most predictable way to create the life you love.

When you discover how to live in a state of flow with your dreams, you’ll find success doesn’t just become possible. It becomes PROBABLE. (and actually, near guaranteed.)

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Check out Felicia’s interview video on mastery in transformation below and learn the 5 important steps to transformation.

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