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Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, once said. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” So, you better put your best brand forward!

Possessing your own brand identity is like having that special sauce that makes your recipe unique. It makes you irreplaceable. Thus, you stand out from the rest of other coaches online. If you were able to establish that signature brand, then marketing yourself will just be a walk in the park!

Part of my 5-day Unleash Your Brand Workshop, I always ask the participants to create a mood board in order to easily communicate their mission, visions, goals, core values, and objectives. While putting consideration on the brand words, colors, patterns, quotes and pictures that will best represent their brand.

What makes the mood board a valuable tool in branding is that it helps you foresee the future of your business. It will establish the basics of what the end results would look like.

Moving forward, as your business grows and starts to scale up, you decide to get more people on board. Of course, you want everyone who joins your team to understand what you stand for, your vision, and how you want your clients to feel and experience with your brand. The mood board will align others who will join your business to be in sync with your brand message and to the kind of promise that you are delivering to your clients.

You can easily check if you have nailed that perfect moodboard for your business. If you can instantly feel the vibe that you are trying to create with your signature brand by just looking at it, then congratulations!

To help make life easy, I am sharing TWO templates for creating your Mood Board. You will learn how to create them during the challenge as well..


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