The 5-Day Unleash Your Brand


Makeover your ENTIRE business from start to finish in 5 days

Day 1 for Brand Makeover

Day 1: Frame your Brand Identity

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: This is the first step to identify your brand by creating a Visual Mood Board 

Answer the questions and write them in your Brand Awareness Questionnaire

  • USP AKA – Unique Selling Proposition statement/ Secret Sauce/Unique Differentiator.

What you need to do and Why is it important:  You need to BUILD the VIBE of your brand with A Visual Mood Board.

A Visual mood board is a collection of visual assets—whether that’s colors, images, text, photos, or any other kind of visual inspiration—that encompasses who you are as a brand and what kind of brand message you want to put out into the world.

The purpose of this whole mood board exercise is that when people—whether that’s your team, your customers, or clients—look at your branding mood board, they should get the general “VIBE” of your brand and it makes them feel something.

  • Creating a mood board helps you establish the basics of what the end result could ideally look like visually.
  • Having a mood board on display helps remind you of the original goal. Looking at your mood board regularly can also help inform all the micro-decisions you make towards the main goal.
  • Sometimes, while you can try and explain how you want a design to look, or try to illustrate a concept, the clearest form of an explanation is through visual examples—this could be because the majority of the population are visual learners. Mood boards help achieve this.
  • It should look, sound, feel, and create an experience which will reflect YOUR VIBE

What you actually need to do: 

  1. Watch the video
  2. Click the Questionnaire and save a copy and start answering the questions in as much detail as possible.
  3. Answer the questions as you would to disclose your likes/dislikes and extract your personality as much as possible and blend it with your business, your ideal client and the product/service you offer to them.

Day 2 for Brand Makeover

Day 2: Branding and Colours

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Select  2 – 5 colours that you feel will resonate the most with you, your clients and align to your brand as well.

Why you need to do it: 

Colour holds POWER in Branding

It can break or make your business image

Colour can affect how your clients feel and it also influences how they view your personality, energy and aura you build in your brand.

What you actually need to do: 

  1. Watch the video
  2. Go back to Branding Awareness Questionnaire from Day 1 and fill your Brand colours, Brand Tone words
Day 2 Branding and Colours

Your brand represents YOU! You have to live with it, and LOVE it every single day for the life of the brand. If you’re planning to grow your business, then you’re going to be responsible for marketing your business. This means, you will be watching your business every day and so it needs to have those colours which make you feel good and not bored after seeing them a gazillion times.

So today you get to pick 2-3 colors that you love and that you ‘think’ would work for your brand and appeal to your ideal client.

EXAMPLE: Orange, blue, grey

You won’t be honing in on your specific brand colors right now, but having a general idea of what you love will set the foundation for what we’re going to cover in the days ahead! If you’re struggling with selecting your basic colors, you can check out the following resources:

For color palette inspiration:

For color psychology:

Day 3 for Brand Makeover

Day 3: Play with Pinterest

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Today is all about searching images that best resonate with your brand tone words and colours.

Why you need to do it: 

The whole process of creating a mood board is very intuitive and used for internal purposes for your business. It will help to create the look and feel of your business and extract the overall brand essence that you would like across social media platforms/website and branding materials.(print+digital)

Use Pinterest to really uncover the images that speak to you, which may eventually make their way into your Brand Mood Board! Search for brand-relevant images on Pinterest, using your Brand Story words, Brand Tone words, and the colours that were uncovered in the Brand Awareness questionnaire

What you actually need to do: 


  1. Watch the video for Day 3
  2. Download the Instructions worksheet
  3. Select ONE IMAGE that best resonates with your brand colours and tone words.

Day 4 for Brand Makeover

Select your Brand Images

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

Delete any images that just simply don’t belong, and aren’t being used to convey anything of importance.

Why you need to do it: 

We’re looking to identify each of our tone words within our images. This will give the final images for our Brand Mood Board. To illustrate, here is a screen shot of my Pinterest Board:







My brand tone words are represented in the images above, as follows:

Alive: Flowers, women, sunrise

Empowering: Fall leaf, Hand heart,

Soulful: Picture of women in a yoga pose, Om pose

Strong: Women with open arms, self-love towards their body, flowing drapes

Confident: choose happy quote and other quotations.

As you can see in the example above, I saved images in my Pinterest board that truly represent the brand tone that I want to convey with my new brand. This confirms that I am on target with my brand, and also gives me a chance to remove any images that do not align with the brand tone words and/or simply do not match the look/feel of the brand.

What you actually need to do: 

if you still have brand tone words that are not yet being represented in your Pinterest Board, it’s time to start looking elsewhere. Head on over to some free (or low priced) stock photography websites to start searching for your missing brand tone words using a relevant image search, similar to what you did in yesterday’s exercise.

Once you have completed these steps, select approximately 8-10 favorite pictures – they must be a thorough representation of your 5 brand tone words and they must also all contain the common color theme that you’ve noticed over the past couple of days.

For example – if most of your images are Orange, blue and grey, don’t pick the image that conveys the tone, but has the colors all wrong. Trust me, it won’t work too well.  Open the pins, and right-click-save the images to your desktop or branding folder (if you’ve created one by this point).

Select 8 – 10 Images which represent your brand thoroughly and remove/delete the rest of them from the board.

Day 5 for Brand Makeover

Day 5: Create your OWN Brand Mood Board

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: 

These are the final steps, where we take everything we’ve learned about our brand and discovered through our images, and we put it all together into a creating your Brand Mood Board!

Why you need to do it: 

Once you get through these steps, you’ve officially made it through the most important beginning steps to creating a brand that conveys who you are, what you do, why you do it, and will attract your ideal clients like a magnet.

What you actually need to do: 

  1. Watch the video tutorial
  2. Create your Free account on canva
  3. Create your OWN Brand Mood Board 

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