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So what is a Brand?
Is it the face of your business or
Is it your personality or Is it just an element or a tool that helps you showcase your message, your product in business.

I think a Brand is a combination of all the things mentioned above, but if I had to actually define brand my way, then it would be like this.

B which stands for Blueprint – Blueprint means it is like a base of your business. It’s like the first step towards creating visibility in the market and not only that it’s basically a reflection of your story that builds a structure in the mind of your client

R which stands for Reach/Range  – Your Brand helps to find the range up to which it will attract more customers. A Brand means your clients know you are there in the market and so it becomes a reason for them to explore and then make a decision. It is an after effect which you leave as a mark for your client’s to come back for and that’s exactly what I mean by range. Your presence that can make an impact to your customer.

The Third element which is from the letter A and I think I would like to come back to it because this is the core  of any Business with a Brand.

N which stands for Notable – From “Being Nothing”  to “Becoming Notable”  or to become visible or to leave a mark. That’s what a Brand can do for your business.

D which stands for Distinct/Differentiate – Your brand acts like a choice or selection which the client makes over another competitor who may be selling the same product as you.

Letter A which I mentioned is the core of the word brand stands for Authenticity –
It means to say that you are here to stay.
You are here to Commit to your client.
You are here to change lives through your passion.
You have a genuine story where you want to build LONG-TERM relations with your client and not just run away after doing ONE – TIME transactions.
You have a reputation at stake.
You are here to make them believe in you, in your products or services based on what they think they hear or know from other places.

In short Authenticity becomes the most important aspect because you are creating a defined identity and also showcasing you, your business and your uniqueness.

B.R.A.N.D – Blueprint – Range – Authenticity – Notable – Distinct

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