Today, I would like to share a very important aspect of your brand which is Color.

So what can color do for your brand?

C – Create a psychological emotion

O – Optimize the decision to buy

L – Lure your clients to come back looking for you. (The famous Pepsi vs Coca – Cola battle won by Coca-cola)

O – Outshine your brand against the competition

R – Reflect your brand tone, brand essence.

Color can help transform the intangible Brand into tangible visuals by using them in the brand assets like a logo, banners, websites, icons, stationery, business cards, letters, posters, flyers, sales pages, lead magnet, etc.

Most people think of a design is just about making your website look beautiful, or that lead magnet looking presentable.

What they forget is that colors help in creating the emotion, and driving the client to hit the buy button. 

So next time you work on that website, make sure you have done enough research on what colors you would like to use to build a powerful presence online!

Or else click here to know how you can work with me to shift from colour confusions to clarity.

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