As an online entrepreneur, is there a certain area of your life that you feel that is still unfulfilled?  With the power of vision, you will be able to create a clear direction of where you would like to go. The Social C.E.O.s Facebook Group has invited a highly sought-after speaker and top transformational coach to discuss more the power of vision to help you unpack the areas where you feel discontent.

About Rajika

Rajika Mahan’s personal journey started 4 years ago when she was at a crossroads of her life. She was raising her kids, caring for elderly parents, and supporting her husband with his career and education. Rajika knew she needed to do something for herself and by her own personal journey of transformation she re-discovered who she was and by changing her outlook on life gave her the idea of creating her own coaching business.

She received her training at Landmark Worldwide where she completed the Curriculum for Living. She continued her education with the Brave Thinking Institute where she studied under Mary Morrissey’s who is a top transformational life coach.

Rajika has dedicated her life to helping women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and have the burning desire to be more, do more without the feeling of guilt, shame or age being a factor so that they can make the leap into their next chapter of life.

Dream Building Sessions

Rajika offers a detailed Dream Building session. During this session, you will dig into 1-2 areas of your life where you are feeling discontent and longing for change. By the end of the call you will gain total clarity on what are the next steps to moving closer to a life you are committed to fulfilling on. Rajika offers a variety of options on how you can work with her to commit to yourself, make your goals a priority and create limitless possibilities.

Ready to take the next step forward?

If you are feeling disconnected and you are ready to make a change, watch Rajika’s interview below to learn more about the power of vision.

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