Strategic Branding Design in Business

Do you know what Selena Soo, Amy Porterfield, Gary V, Tony Robbins, and Oprah Winfrey. Bushra Azhar, Denise DT all have in common - They are real, authentic people who look exclusive, distinct, and notable, with strategic branding in business. Do you think they got...

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5Ws and 1H

So while doing my mastermind assignment  for this week, one of the things I needed to complete is write my 5Ws and 1H. And this is what it is all about: What ( I do) - I am a Corporate trainer facilitating workshops on leadership, empowerment and confidence and a...

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What is a Brand?

So what is a Brand? Is it the face of your business or Is it your personality or Is it just an element or a tool that helps you showcase your message, your product in business. I think a Brand is a combination of all the things mentioned above, but if I had to...

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Alice from Ponderland

So here comes Alice from Ponder Land thinking that - Branding is like the clothes you make your business wear...So....either you would ~ Dress your business according to whats trending, OR Stay with Oh-so Comfortable to never change "old is gold style " in your...

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