“How do you make your Brand unique when you realise you have a few other people out there doing pretty much the same thing?”

I am going to give you one word here :

Strategy and Perspective.

But before any strategy can work for you to show your brand is unique, you’ll need to shift your perspective and know that You are already Unique. Shift your perspective inside out.

How can you do this, simple – 

– Reframing your positioning – When you’ll know confidently about your gifts, your talents, and your product/program or service being good(that can solve a particular problem) then you wouldn’t have to worry about comparing it with others.

– Value yourself – There are a thousand people out there, but not everyone is your client. You’ll need to remind yourself this every time a client says no, every time you get hate emails/comments from potential clients, every time people unsubscribe from your list.

– Find the right match – You’ll need clients that get attracted to your messaging, your style, your values and that will not be the entire population on planet earth. Am I right or am I right 🙂

– Do One in a million – It is not about you being one in a million, but about selling your product to one in a million and then moving ahead from there. 

As I often say this entrepreneurship is a roller coaster journey and so you need to have a check on your mindset to be able to apply strategies and make it a success!

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